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    (Featuring the Giant Cuda's - Size does matter!)

200lb plus Tarpon caught in the Gambia River

200lb+ Tarpon caught in The Gambia River by UK angler, David Bate on December 6th 2009.  The fish was released.
(Cpt. Bala Moses)

Tarpon 200lb plus - Anglers: David Bates & George Hollingbery

Huge Guinean Barracudas 48lb & 46lb caught in the Gambia RiverAnglers Mark and Peter with Guinean Barracudas 48lb and 46lb

Angler Pete Baynham with 48lb CudaAngler Mark from Sussex with 46lb Barracuda

48lb Guinean Barracuda - Angler: Peter Baynham

Above:  48lb and 46lb Guinean Barracuda caught in the Gambia River. Anglers:  Peter Baynham and Mark from the UK
(Cpt. Assan)

Sompat Grunt - Cpt. AssanGuinean Barracuda - Cpt. Assan

Captain Assan (aka Ninja) with Sompat Grunt and Guinean Barracuda

Guinean Snapper - Stan NaboznyThick-lipped Grouper - Pete Baynham

White Grouper - Alex40lb Stingray - Daniel and son Alex

Barracuda - Derek BondVariety of Fish - Morris

Barracuda - Butterfish - Colin JeffriesButterfish & Tapandar - Tom Baskaya

Tapandar Tapandar & Butterfish

Geoff Maskew - 70lb StingrayGeoff & Sony with 70lb Stingray

Geoff and Sony with 70lb Stingray caught on Mantel Reef with Cpt. Bala Moses - (Nov)

70lb Stingray caught off Mantel Reef70lb Stingray

Sony with a rack of ButterfishSony holds up his Butterfish

Geoff displays his barracudaBarracuda & Butterfish caught off Mantel Reef

Above: Geoff & Sony with Butterfish and Barracuda's caught off Mantel Reef - Cpt. Bala Moses - (Nov)

Cpt. Dembo, Glynn Workman & BarracudasGlynn Workman & Partner

Cpt. Dembo holds up BarracudaGlynn Workman displays his barracuda

One of many Cuda's caught off Cape Point ReefButterfish

Above:  Glynn Workman & partner, with Butterfish, & Cuda's caught on Cape Point Reef with Cpt. Dembo - (Oct)

Rack of ButterfishRobbie displays his butterfish

Jay and Thick-lipped GrouperThick-lipped Grouper

Above:  Robbie Swindell and Jay with Butterfish and Thick-lipped Grouper caught off Cape Point Reef with Cpt. Dembo - (Oct)

Karen with a variety of fishout creekfishing

bag of mixed fisha fun day on the creeks and bolongs

Above:  A fun day out on the creeks, Terry, George, Karen with Cpt. Dembo and a variety of species. (Oct)


Simon & Chris from Grantham, UK

Fishing dates

1st/2nd/4th/5th October 2009



Sea/Weather cond.

Calm throughout

Catch report in brief

Chris and Simon from Grantham & second-time visitors to The Gambia fished for four days on the boat with Cpt. Assan aka 'Ninja'. 

Day one:
Trolling lures for the most part of the day along the coastline at Cape Point, Mantel, and Senegambia reefs – plenty of barracuda around, many strikes, seven barracuda boated, biggest 22lb.  They finished their day light tackle bottom fishing on Mantel reef – a mix of species caught using local fresh shrimp for bait.

22lb BarracudaAngler Chris with 22lb Barracuda

Day two
Back to the trolling grounds - not the same concentration of fish around – one barracuda boated on Cape Point reef.  The rest of the day was spent fishing live bait, cut fish baits and shrimp over Mantel reef  – mix of reef fish caught including red snappers.

Barracuda caught on Cape Point Reef

Day Three:
The decision was made to head-off to the mouth of the Gambia River (Barra) to troll some big deep water lures & target the large Guinean Barracuda.  Trolling ‘Mann’s Stretch’ 30+ & 40+ lures with a red-head sea-snake around the turn of the tide provided two hard strikes with one fish staying on for a 10 min fight before pulling the hook.  In the afternoon they cruised into the creek system to target a pod of tarpon on a deep junction.  Multiple fish could be seen rolling - casting lures and jigs to the group but could not entice a strike from the tarpon.

Day Four:
Back to the River mouth fishing the deep lures produced one Barracuda of 19lbs.  The rest of the day was spent anchored on the sandbanks at Cape Point bay catching a mixture of fish including many good sized Butterfish.

Barracuda Head UK Angler Simon with 19lb Barracuda


We are not always there to capture your fish catches on film so if you have been fishing onboard 'The African Angler' and have some fish photos you would like us display - please email them to us or alternatively feel free to upload your latest fish pics to our Facebook Page.     Visit our Facebook Page




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46lb Guinean Barracuda - Angler: Mark


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