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303lb Tarpon caught in the Gambia River, West Africa  TARPON FISHING
     October - May

    The River Gambia

          Carl Pashley with his 303lb tarpon &
                     skipper Mark Longster


are by far the most powerful game fish of The Gambia.  These extraordinary fish can be found on both sides of the Atlantic.  Here in The Gambia they can be targeted using a variety of fishing methods.  The weight of a tarpon in The Gambia can range from 15lb to 250lb, with numerous fish having been caught over 100lbs and our largest standing at 303lbs.

200lb+ Tarpon - The Gambia River - Angler: David Bate


Photo: 210lb tarpon - released! 
Angler: David Bate & fishing partner, George Hollingberry guided by Capt. Bala Moses.

can be caught in The Gambia year-round but the best time to catch the larger fish, in the mouth of the river Gambia, is the beginning of October through to the end of May. The Gambia has some of the largest tarpon in the world - targeting the correct tides is an important factor. 

Hook ups
are not uncommon and
on occasion you can see tarpon roll by the hundreds They give their presence away when they periodically rise to the surface to gulp air.

Sometimes known as the
'SilverKing' - these fish are famed due to their often large size and their habit of making wild, spectacular leaps after being hooked.

We have picked out the best set of tides in each month to fish for the tarpon. These sets of tides have proven to be the most productive over a number of years.

If you are planning to visit The Gambia and are interested in targeting the larger tarpon let us know and we will advise you of the best time to come so that your catch rate & fishing opportunities are at a maximum.


               TARPON FISHING
May to September

As an exciting alternative to targetting the larger tarpon in the River Mouth, during Gambiaís summer months May to Tarpon caught along the Gambian CoastlineSeptember pods of smaller tarpon are prolific along the southern coastline of The Gambia. 

Feeding close to the shoreline these tarpon weighing between 15lb an
d 60lbs are a delight to catch on lighter tackle matched to the task - you against the fish!  The tarpon are aerobatic fish & have amazing fighting spirits - they  jump wildly in protest to being hooked, but can be handled on fairly light gear if you know how to apply the pressure. They are often caught in shallow waters using live-bait, & float fishing methods and if you are a keen fly fisherman then here is your chance to throw a fly

Inshore Tarpon fishing - Angler: Mr. Claasen

Where these majestic fish are concerned, you will be happy to know that African Angler practices Catch and Release wherever possible.

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Tarpon caught on the fly

200lb+ tarpon - Angler: Terry

200lb+ tarpon - Angler: Julian Ashpole - Cpt. Mark Longster

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