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Sport Fishing for Cassava

in The Gambia

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The coastal region of The Gambia is made up of numerous inshore reefs and sandbars, deep channels & rocky outcrops, as well as the mighty Gambia River itself.  Primarily a tidal estuary, these features provide an excellent marine environment for a number of noted Sporting Fish as well as a multitude of local tropical species.

SPORT FISHING along the Gambian coastline gives the Angler the opportunity to try out a number of different fishing techniques including lure fishing (trolling) & bait fishing at anchor using a variety of live and fresh-cut baits.

Anchored close to the reefs and rocky outcrops using a simple paternoster rig, a light tackle outfit and local fresh prawns for bait, will produce hours of fun.  The excitement of battling with a host of hard fighting reef dwellers is added to by not knowing what is going to hook-up on your bait next! It is not uncommon for more than a dozen local species to be caught in this way. 

Fish catches can include: Cubera Snapper, Hardhead Catfish, King Threadfin (Cpt.Fish), Barracuda, Trevelle Jacks, Grouper, Angel Fish, Tropical Wrass, Butterfish, African Pompano, Moray Eel, Nine Bone, Ladyfish, Cassava, Large Rays plus many other colourful species.

On the same fishing grounds anchored close to the reefs and sandbars you can also target the larger species.  Using heavy fishing gear, baits such as live mullet and herrings are lowered into the depths to entice some known hard battlers.  These include the stubborn Cubera Snapper.  Once hooked this fish’s hard short powerful runs often leave the angler wondering what he has hooked into.  Fishing slightly off the reefs, the West African King Threadfin (Captain fish) locally known as Kujeli can be targeted.  These recognized sporting fish have become a favourite with our anglers.  Although a very shy feeder, the Captain fish, once hooked, will give a long powerful run and will fight all the way back to the boat.  Other local species such as Cassava and Ladyfish behave in much the same way.  Common to The Gambia these localised species are hard plucky fighters often shoaling-up, and if they happen to cross your fishing ground they will hit most baits in the water producing action for the whole boat. 

Whilst targeting these species it is of course common for other fish to be tempted by the baits.  Jack Trevelle, African Pompano, Cobia, Barracuda and Large Rays can be included in the expected catch whilst using these methods. 

Apart from the diverse bottom fishing, lure fishing (trolling) from a moving boat is a tried and tested method when targeting the well-known Barracuda.  Cruising along the Gambian coastline fishing with a variety of artificial lures, it is a tense time for the fisherman as he waits in anticipation for his rod to buckle over and line start screaming from his reel. Barracuda will strike at the lures believing them to be fleeing bait fish.  Once hooked, these fish fight hard often breaking the surface in an attempt to free themselves much to the delight of the angler. Other predators such as Jack Travelle, Large Pompano, Spanish Mackerel and Snapper are also Sport Fishing for Snappersfavourites.

A Typical full days' sport fishing will often incorporate a combination of different techniques to suit the fishing on the day.  The changing tidal flow and colouration of the water often dictates which fishing methods are used and which fish are to be targeted. 

This is best left to the Captain and crew whose valuable local knowledge of the fish and fishing grounds will put you onto what's biting and the best  fishing available.

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